Our values


We make sure our products respect the highest standards of quality by carefully selecting the ingredients and our providers.

We use ingredients sourced from reputable EU suppliers and we follow the best practices in terms of hygiene and working standards. Our products are regularly inspected and stability tests are performed to insure an optimal quality.

Preservatives are necessary to maintain our products shelf-stable. We use only naturally derived or gentle synthetic preservatives when natural isn't an option for optimal preservation and we respect the EU regulations in terms of safety, without compromising on quality.


We are committed to honesty and transparency in the relation with our client. We will not sell "beautiful lies". We are only producing and selling products that we believe in. Since our client’s satisfaction is essential, we've got a 30 day return policy, no questions asked.

Our ingredients are obtained only from reputable and ethical sources and we are well aware of our social responsibility and sustainable development.


It is our promise to respect each of our clients and the environment. That is why our products are based on natural ingredients only.

We do not test our products on animals and we support a cruelty-free cosmetic industry. We will always test our products only with our family and friends, if they are willing to.


We believe in sustainability, and we are aiming to keep our business that way. We work constantly in optimizing our processes so that our footprint stays low, without altering the quality of our products.