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How to use face mask

How to use face mask

Find out what a face mask is and what is the purpose of using one. Theare are four type of face masks on the market for you to chose from: mud/clay masks, oil, gel and cream masks. Learn which one of the four is the right one for your skin.

Create an efficient and relaxing routine of applying your face mask no more than one or two times per week. Stat by cleansing your face and do not forget to apply moisturizer at the end. Find out which are the steps in this article. 
How to use face serum (in the evening)

How to use face serum (in the evening)

Unless you have lived under a rock or on the Moon itself, you have for sure heard of face serum.

This article will answer to all your questions about night serums: What is the difference between a night serums and day serums? What kind of night serum should you chose? 

How to correctly apply a face serum and how to create an evening skin-care ritual that will make your skin all glowy and healthy looking?
How to protect your skin from aging prematurely

How to protect your skin from aging prematurely

What are wrinkles and why do they appear? What are the TO DO and most important what are the NOT TO DO rules in order to prevent aging?

Is there any food that should be avoided and are there exercises that can help in preventing the skin aging?

Find out the answers to all these question in our latest blog-post. We will also teach you how to build the optimal anti-aging skin care routine according to your type of skin.


Looca Beauty: Conscious beauty

We manufacture our products with respect towards our customers and the environment. Our products are made with natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients with, where possible, sustainable materials.

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